My Little Pony RD Leggings

style no: WMLP1439CKRC







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ADD TO WISH LIST will not be able to do the sonic rainboom with these leggings.  NO...that's not the sonic rainboom, you just farted!


Measurements (all are flat)

Waist Relaxed: XS/10-11", S/11-12", M/12-13", L/13-14", XL/14-15", 2XL/15-16", 3XL/16-17"

Waist Stretched: XS/13-14", S/14-15", M/15-16", L/16-17", XL/17-18", 2XL/18-19", 3XL/19-20"

Low Hip (7" from WB): XS/13.5", S/14.5", M/15.5", L/16.5", XL/17.5", 2XL/18.5", 3XL/19.5"

Inseam: XS/S-26-27", M/L-27-28", XL/2X/3XL-28-29"


**approximate measurements, may vary slightly


Stretchable Women's Leggings
95% Polyester 5% Spandex