Star Wars First Order Watercolor

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Design by Bigrobot

Built in the Land of Giant Robots, and raised on a steady diet of American comics and anime, Rob Clifford (me!) dreamed of drawing superheroes his whole life, and now finally gets to for really real! (WOOHOO!)

While nerve damage from a car accident just after graduating art school took away fine motor control of his hands for almost a decade & has caused him to experience hand tremors and varying degrees of constant pain since, Rob has continued to experiment with different mediums in an effort to compensate and adapt. Initially an illustrator using pencils and pens, Rob has moved increasingly to ink, brush, and watercolor work, as well as sculpting.


Star Wars first order sysmbol embedded with the shilloute of Kylo Ren in watercolors. Graphic art by Bigrobot.


100% cotton basic slim fit men's crew