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Chrome Ponies!: Latest Series of MLP Vinyl Collectable Figures

Are you ready to OONTZ OONTZ, every pony? We continue to be overwhelmed by the demand and the demand and love for our MLP Vinyl Figures!  And for 2014 we can finally announce the last variant of these two awesome designs by Sajira: Breakdance Pon3 and Snuggle Bubble Muffin CHROME Vinyl Figures!

Limited Edition on orange card; now available for $25 each!


2/6/14 UPDATE: Hey folks, to celebrate our final wave in this series, we are making them available to YOU, the fans as a straight-up purchase!  No longer designated as a purchase-with-purchase item through Achievements, you can now purchase our MLP Vinyl Figures individually! Click each product at right to begin adding to your cart!


Previous Editions:


My Little Pony 2nd Edition Flocked Figures (limited edition on purple card) - $22.50 each:


My Little Pony 1st Edition Vinyl Figures (limited edition on green card) - $20 each:



About the Figures:


Breakdance Pon3 Vinyl Figure


WeLoveFine is thrilled to announce a brand new addition to our shop that is the first of its kind, hopefully the first of many more to come!  WeLoveFine's Artist Series Collectible Figures launches with the release of Breakdance Pon3, a My Little Pony DJ PON-3/Vinyl Scratch figure! Designed by our Mighty Fine Artists program member Sajira, is based on her best-selling t-shirt design of the same name that depicts Equestria's coolest DJ unicorn breakin' it down on the dance floor.

This first-ever vinyl collectible available through WeLoveFine.com is NOW BACK IN STOCK; get yours for the holidays while supplies last!!!


Snuggle Bubble Muffin Vinyl Figure
Now Available Online!


During San Diego Comic-Con 2013, WeLoveFine offered a sneak preview of our Artist Series Collectible Figures with Snuggle Bubble Muffin, a My Little Pony "Best Pony" figure also designed by Sajira, based on her design featuring everyone's favorite little grey pegasus cuddling her favorite snack! We made this figure available as a convention exclusive through 2013; now, the trade show season is over so because the response was SO strong to this figure from MLP fans everywhere, we are making it available online ONLY while supplies last, giving you a chance to purchase one as a gift for your friends or yourself this holiday season!




About the Artist


From Provo, Utah

Grew up in a small town. Began drawing when she was old enough to hold a pencil. Enjoys hiking, running, swimming, reading, and of course drawing. A true gamer at heart her current favs are Skyrim, Assassin's Creed and Minecraft.