The Secret World In-Game Achievements

MMO lovers, we're back with brand NEW interactive fun for The Secret World players, and a whole new set of cool items in our Achievements program! If you order one or two of our awesome TSW t-shirts, bags, NEW Polos! posters and more, you can receive FREE In-Game Titles and/or In-Game T-shirts for your characters to wear.  We'll be swapping these out every so often, so periodically you can come back and get more titles and tees, too!

ALL NEW!: We've just added three fantastic 100% cotton Men's Polos - featuring fully embroidered Dragon, Templar and Illuminati faction logos - to our The Secret World category!  Check them out at right; they also qualify you for the TSW In-Game Achievements!

CURRENTLY OFFERED (Updated 10/04/2013):

- For ONE TSW items, you can add the in-game title "Firestarter" during checkout (Achievement level: AP Wheel)

- For TWO TSW items, you can add the in-game version of the "Kawaii Revenant" tee for your character! (Achievement level: NKL-107)


- NEW!!! Also for TWO TSW items, you can add the in-game version of the "Dragon", "Templar" or "Illuminati" Logo tees for your character! (Achievement level: NKL-107)
PLEASE NOTE: These in-game codes are Faction Specific: For example, if your character is a Templar, then only the Templar logo tee code will work when you input it. Show your Faction pride!

- Either the in-game title or in-game tee code will be emailed to you from our customer service department within one business day of placing your order.

Check out our TSW listings on the right, and be sure to check for the unlockable levels listed above to add your free codes to your cart!