"Luke Warm" In A Tauntaun Hoodie!

The Polar Vortex may have receded, but it's still Hoth-cold out there, folks!  How exactly are we expected to cope with these subzero conditions?!


With an official Star Wars Tauntaun Hoodie... naturally!  Our team has been hard at work on this super-cool interactive hoodie and we are so excited to finally release it for fans to bundle up with this winter.  What could be more perfect than a hoodie that not only features:


- Tauntaun-face hood with horns and ears

- A Luke Skywalker-esque blue lightsaber zipper pull for slicing that hoodie hide open!
- And inside: Ooey-gooey guts! Except they're not gooey really, it's a satiny-soft lining that is so cozy and warm*.


*(Authentic Tauntaun smell not included)


But don't take our word for it: LOOK at how delightful it is! It really works!