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Cuddly Cosplay: The Force Is Strong With NinjaInk's Pets!

By Perry morgan at Jan 28 2014 08:54 PM

(Pictured above: Bruce the Tauntaun, savin' lives!)

Timothy Lim (aka NinjaInk) is, per his bio on his Mighty Fine Artists page, a "freelance artist by day, cage fighter by night." What his bio doesn't tell you is that when he's not drawing or cage-brawlin', he's executing some pretty geektastic cosplay and photo fun with his furry pals, which include three guinea pigs and a super fluffy rabbit.

We've been digging Tim's FAN-tastic photo shoots with his pets on his social media pages for a while, and we just had to share with all of you! Check out some more hilariously cute Star Wars-themed pics, and our Q&A with Tim!:



 (Pictured above: Arnold is very versatile. He can play a Dewback OR a Hutt!)


Hey Tim! So let's start by introducing these little cosplay stars: What are their names?
- There are 3 guinea pigs named Arnold (the white one), Sylvester (the chocolate one), and Bruce (the grey furball). Once in awhile, I use Thatcher the Bunny for pics since he's a much larger scale and very willing to pose for pictures.

And how long have you been getting costumes for them to wear? What started the idea?
- It started a few years ago with my previous two guinea pigs. I was shopping for souvenirs in Mexico and made the passing remark, "I've bought something for everyone, except the pigs..." That's when my eyes caught 2 miniature sombreros and I thought that they'd be perfect for Cinco de Mayo. Or, around our house, Piggo de Mayo.

(Pictured above: Thatcher the bunny does a wicked Wicket; Arnold pretends he's Kenny Baker's stand-in.)

Of all your pets, which one lends itself best to interpretation-by-adorable-rodent? And why?
- Definitely Arnold. He's bright, cheerful, fat, fluffy, and sits still for cameras without having to be bribed or pooping himself.

We've seen an amazing Star Wars lineup here - which other characters are you considering cosplaying the guineas in next?
- I'd love to do anything Marvel or Transformers -- plus a few surprises for the unsuspecting! By "surprises" I mean "proton packs."